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Spicy Peanut Butter Mole Sauce

First, what is mole?! 

The word “mole” stems from the word “molli,” which means “sauce” or “concoction.” Mole originated in the Oaxaca and Puebla regions of Mexico
The traditional mole sauce really is a "concoction" of complex blending of fruits, nuts, chili peppers, and spices like black pepper and cinnamon. Not all mole sauce is traditional though! You'll find some pretty unique takes on this flavorful blend all over the world. In our version we've added our Classic Peanut Butter and chipotle peppers for an extra kick! If the spice level isn't to your taste substitute the chipotle peppers for green chiles.

It's all in the sauce! 

One of the best parts about mole is that adds a whole lot of flavor to your dish making it so the shredded chicken you serve it over doesn't need a whole lot of extra pizazz.  We love mole's history and the many adaptations of this flavorful sauce, we hope you do to!

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