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Entrepreneurship: What we glorify and why

A reflection on the mystification of this profession. 

We all have entrepreneurial experiences: create as we go, constantly remind ourselves to never give up, evaluate risk, have all maybe become a little *too* accustomed to uncertainly 😅. In those ways saying “I am an entrepreneur” is true for all of us.  Entrepreneurship can look different depending on funding, personal, and timing circumstances.  

So what’s the hype about? What is it about choosing entrepreneurship as a career that seems alluring? Why does it often fill us with wonder? A few thoughts, and then, we'd love to hear yours.

1) Willingly throwing yourself into the unknown seems brave.

Entrepreneurs are not a different breed, they have just chosen to befriend the unknown. It reminds us of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” and entrepreneurs do take the road less travelled. But if the past taught us anything it’s that the future really is uncertain (cue every theatrical musical song about taking leaps and embracing fear). Can you imagine throwing all of your energy and time into a pursuit and then falling flat on your face? Oooof, it hurts! But can we hardwire ourselves to recognize this pattern and thrive despite the fall?! Can we assume that just living is risky and that everything we desire exists on the other side of comfort?

2) Entrepreneurship is a mirror to our dreams.

It's not the entrepreneurial pursuit we desire - it’s freedom and creativity. The possibility to own our days. To have power over our own destiny. It’s also the thought that we can innovate, improve systems, solve problems and create a legacy.  All of these are meaningful experiences that make us feel alive on the inside! There are a lot of valid reasons not to jump into a venture, there are also a lot of valid reasons to “just start.” 

3) Money is mysterious.

Unlike a “traditional” career, entrepreneur financially worth is hard to pin down, profit is elusive. Our brains aren’t great at working in continuums, we like schemas (cognitive frameworks that helps us organize the world around us). And beyond our cognitive mind scratching of limitlessness, let’s be frank, even talking about money is a bit taboo still. So while we are viewing financial wealth less as a status symbol, and we know that our life satisfaction is dependent on it so much as we create meaningful experiences, we still like concrete figures, and certainly at first, entrepreneurship doesn't guarantee a specific number. So, the mind wanders...

So some of it might be hype but the truth is making your own way is a privilege.

Owning a business is a sign of freedom, still yet many people across the world, let alone women, have access to the opportunity to create, to sell and to connect so freely.

We're so grateful we do, and for you, for being a part of this. Now tell us, what do you want to know about this journey? We’ve got 8 years of goodness doing this - the small triumphs, the never giving up, roller coaster ride. Share your stories with us, let us know what you’d like us to share - we would love to hear it. 

What other questions do you have? Drop them here. You might just see them turn into another Thought from the Peanut Gallery..

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