Low-sugar, low-net carb difference

March 01, 2021

Are you hyperactive, experiencing increased thirst or having blurred vision after eating? That's a sugar rush! 😁⁠

Low-sugar, but still delicious

When it comes to healthy food options, a common perception is that healthy doesn’t always taste good. After spending time in South America, we found inspiration to enter an untapped market and a mission to create all-natural spreads to cater to the health conscious while satisfying a sweet tooth. If you want to hear more about the origins of the peanut, listen to us chat about it on The Urban Farm Podcast here

Americano vs. Other Spreads

This leading chocolate spread contains 21g of sugar and only 3g of protein. That's nearly eating 5 teaspoons of sugar PER SERVING. Toss it!

Peanuts and Almonds, as its main ingredient, provide the vitamins and proteins we need. We've created our products with the specific target of low sugar and low net carbs...nutritious + delicious. 


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