That time we met Daymond John at PayPal's SXSW Duel – Americano Foods

That time we met Daymond John at PayPal's SXSW Duel

January 16, 2021

We often get asked "have you been on Shark Tank?" Though we admire the brave souls who put their ideas and hearts on the line for criticism and the chance for funding, we've chosen to be careful observers of the show.   

We have, however, "dipped our toes" as you would say and participated in the "Paypal Duel" ... a Shark Tank Style contest in which we were selected along with 6 other startups from across the country to compete for a chance to spend a day with Daymond John at SXSW! WE WON (with the support of your votes and many others across the country who loved our concept)!

Paypal sent us off to Austin and the rest is history! And Daymond John, well let us tell you.... he is just as wise in person as he is on Shark Tank. Even though we didn't win the monetary prize, it was prize enough to be there amongst so many other inspiring groups (and for our mom who ADORES Daymond to get to participate as well). 

Watch the entire pitch to see Americano Foods, then "Peanut Butter Americano" circa 2015!

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