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The Truth about the PB industry

We launched on Walmart Marketplace 

Making it onto the front page of Walmart Marketplace search terms like "natural peanut butter" after months of work is only the second thing we're proud of. The first is realizing you're the only independently owned option available to Walmart customers on the page. Our food system is rich in the illusion of "choice."

You may see a dozen brands on a page like this. The truth is, in our space, they're almost all owned by 2 conglomerates*: Hormel (Skippy, Justins and more) and Smuckers (Jif, Laura Scudder's, Adams, Bettern, Santa Cruz, etc etc.) who saturate these marketplaces to create the illusion of choice while blocking out any actual choice.

Listen, we're not anti-corporation, BUT we are pro-transparency. 

We're breaking through thanks to your support. Making it this far is proof. Find Americano on the front page of "natural peanut butter" and "low sugar peanut butter" searches on Walmart and Amazon.


*Conglomerate = a mass of large corporations owned by one entity

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